A Beautiful Advice for Childrens – by Shaykh Muhammad Sae’ed Raslan

This advice is for children. If they hold firm to it their lives will straighten out and hopefully they will gain well-being in this life and in the hereafter.

Obey your Mother and Father in all that they order you to do if it’s not a sin. Address them with gentleness and manners and stand up for them when they enter upon you. Protect their reputation, dignity, money, honor them and give them whatever they ask for. Consult them in your work and affairs. Increase your invocations for them and ask for them to be forgiven. If they have a guest then sit near the door and watch over their glances it may be that they are ordering something silently or indirectly. Do what pleases them without them ordering so because if an order is given explicitly then the degree of happiness will be lessened. Do not raise your voice in front of them nor interrupt them during speech. Don’t argue with them in a matter and if you are certain with what you are upon, then try to persuade them with gentleness and if they are insistent on their opinion then do not oppose them even if they are wrong. All of this is in regards to worldly affairs and as for the affairs of the hereafter, then they have an obvious right to gentleness. Don’t lie to your parents and take what they haven’t permitted you to take. Don’t travel if they don’t allow you to. If you are tested with a sin like smoking for example then don’t commit that sin in front of them even if they allow you to. Do not annoy your parents if they are sleeping and remember the story of those three (persons) the rock closed them in, trapping them in the cave then one of them sought closeness to ALLAH by means of his obedience of his parents who were old aged he used to return from grazing his livestock then he would milk them and come with a cup (heavy and large) and would remain with it held in his hand whilst standing until they would drink one day he was delayed and found them sleeping, so he remained standing next to them with the milk in his hand whilst the children were crying (from hunger) around him until his parents woke up. Do not annoy them if they are sleeping and do not prefer your wife and your children over them and do not scold if they do something which you dislike and don’t try to compete above them in your understanding or reasoning for it could be that ALLAH has granted you knowledge and understanding that they are ignorant of and perchance they were to speak and people would laugh at their speech then don’t be grieved (by it) and don’t scold them if they do something which you dislike and don’t laugh in their presence if there is no reason to laugh and do not eat the food which is placed close to them and do not extend your hand towards the food before them and do not sleep nor lie down whilst they are sitting and don’t sit before him (your father) or walk in front of him and don’t call him by his name. Do not stretch your legs out in front of them and do not sit above them whilst they are sitting below and don’t walk next to your father on the road rather lag behind a little except if it’s a dangerous road then you should go forward to assist him guarding and protecting him. Answer to their call immediately if they call you. Don’t accompany him who isn’t good to his parents and beware of those who are disobedient to their parents.

Source: https://youtu.be/74UpSJjroQQ


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