A Brief Biography of Mawlana Abdul Rahman Nuri – by Amir Al-Athari

Mawlana Abd al-Rahman Nuri was the first Kashmiri da’i in modern times who took an initiative to establish part-time Madaris in Srinagar and outside for educated youth according to the manhaj of al-Salf al-Salih. Before the advent of Madani Scholars in Kashmir he produced many da’is by imparting Islamic education to them.
Mawlana Nuri was born in a humble family of Srinagar. His father, Nur al-Din was a blind man. Abd al-Rahman was an intelligent boy and was gifted with a melodious voice. In his earlier career he used to recite poems in Jamia Masjid, Nowhatta, Srinagar.

Mawlana Nuri studied Islamic Sciences and Arabic language under the guidance of Mawlana Abd al-Kabir, Mawlana Abd al-Ghani Shupyani, Mawlana Husayn Shah Wafa’i etc. He was a born teacher and taught students throughout his life. In 1962 he established first part-time Muslim institute in his own house (in Chotta Bazar, Srinagar) under the title of Madrasah Muhammadiyyah. This school was later on upgraded to a high school level. It was after this establishment that Srinagar was dotted with a number of such part-time Madaris. In Chotta Bazar, Srinagar he was instrumental in constructing a big Masjid.

This great teacher and da’i of Kashmir died on the first February 1978 CE and is buried on the roadside of Karan Nagar, Srinagar.


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