A Brief Biography of Shaykh Bashir Ahmad Shopiyan – by Amir Al-Athari

The Shaykh was charismatic scholar and an expert in the Atharii Aqedah whose service was well known in the circles of knowledge in Kashmir as well as Sub continent.Sheikh himself used to delever Friday Sermons at the Historic Jamia Masjid Ahl Al Hadith Zaldagar Since 1956. The Shaykh studied the books of the Aqedah directly with Shaykhu-Salafiyya ,Allameh Abd al Gani Shopiyani(رحمه الله) , who took from his Father Al Sheikh Anwar Shah Shopiyani (رحمه الله)who took from Al Sayyid Sheikh Muhammad Hussaini (رحمه الله)who took from ‘Sheikh al Kul Fil Kul Hazrat Allameh Sayyid Nazer Hussain Dehlavi (رحمه الله) who took from Sheikh i Yemen ,Hazrat Allameh Hussain bin Mohsin Sabaii Ansarii(قد الله سرة) ; who took from Mujadid i Yemen Hazrat Allameh Imam Muhammad bin Ali al-Shawkani(قدس الله سرة) who took From Al Imam Sayyid Abd Al Qadir Bin Ahmad Al Kowkabani(قدس الله سرة) who took from Shaykhu-l Arab ,Imam Muhammad bin Ismail al-Sanani (قدس الله سرة); who took from al-Sheikh Abu Tahir Kurdistani (قدس الله سرة) who took from his Father al-Qadi ‘Ibrahim Kurrani Kurdistani(قدس الله سرة); may Allah have mercy upon them all and gather us with them in Jannah.

Moulana had six children, four daughters and two Sons namely Mr Nazir Fida (Rtd Principal District and Session Judge) and Abdul Shakoor (Teacher SKUST Kashmir).

He died on 28 April 2016 A.D.Thousands people participated in his funeral which was then held at historic Jinaza Gah of Jamia Masjid Shopian which led by Maulana Muhammad Maqbool Akhrani (دام ظلة).

Moulana was burried at his ancestral Graveyard.May Allah give him highest place in jannah.


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