A Brief Biography of Shaykh Ibn Baaz – by Amir Al-Athari

A brief biography of Shaykh Abdul Azeez Ibn Abdullaah Ibn Abdur-Rahmaan Ibn Baaz قدس الله روحه :

He was born in the city of Riyadh in Dhul-Hijjah 1330 A.H./1909 C.E. He memorized the Quraan in his early age and then he acquired knowledge from many of the great scholars of the Kingdom. Some of his teachers were Shaykh Muhammad ibn ‘Abdul-Lateef Aal-Shaykh رحمه الله, Shaykh Saalih ibn ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Aal-Shaykh رحمه الله and the eminent Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ibraaheem Aal-Shaykh رحمه الله who, in his time, was the Muftee of Saudi Arabia.

Shaykh Ibn Baaz accompanied the eminent Shaykh and learned from him for about ten years. Thus he gained his religious education from the family of Sheikh al- Islām, Imaam Muhammad ibn ‘Abdul-Wahhaab قدس الله روحه . Afterwards Shaykh Ibn Baaz was appointed as a Justice and he worked for fourteen years in the judiciary until he was deputed to the education faculty. He remained engaged in teaching for nine years at Riyadh Islaamic Law College, Riyadh Religious Institute.

Then he was appointed Vice-Chancellor of the Islaamic University, al-Madeenah; but shortly afterwards, he was made the Chancellor with all the administrative powers. Later he was appointed President of the General Presidency of Islaamic Research, Ifta, Call and Propagation, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He held the position of Grand Muftee of Saudi Arabia, the Presidency of many Islaamic Committees and Councils, the prominent among these being: Senior Scholars Committee of the Kingdom, Permanent Committee for Islaamic Research and Fataawa, the Founding Committee of Muslim World League, World Supreme Council for Mosques, Islaamic Jurisprudence Assembly Makkah; and the member of the Supreme Council of the Islaamic University at al-Madeenah, and the Supreme Committee for Islaamic Propagation, until he passed away on Thursday 27 Muharram 1420 A.H./May 13 1999 C.E. May Allaah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala) have Mercy upon his soul, aameen.

Their was a time when Sheikh Ali Wasifi رحمه الله was giving a lesson and he saw that a brother not taking the notes ,he then stopped the lessons and said to the brother excuse me Akhi i didn’t like that you take notes In sha Allah and then signaled to the brothers to him a pas and pen . The Sheikh then said Walllahi my Brothers its for your own good that you take notes ,if i were to ask you concerning what we are studying now in ten years time you most probably would have forgotten it as written down he may go over it and revise it.

Silsilay Isnad (transmission ) from Imam Abu Abdullah Ahmad bin Hanbal al-Shaybani (قدس الله سرة) to Sheikh Bin Baaz (رحمه الله تعالى) goes as Follows:

The Shaykh studied the books of the Islamic Jurisprudence directly with Shaykhu-l Hanabilah ‘ Sheikh Muhammad bin Ibrahim Aal al-Shaykh (رحمه الله); who took from Sheikh Sa’d bin. ‘Atiq (رحمه الله); who took from his father, Sheikh Hamad bin. ‘Atiq (رحمه الله), who took from Sheikh. ‘Abdur Rahman bin. Hasan Aal al-Shaykh (رحمه الله،) ; who took from his grandfather, Sheikh Al Islam Al Imam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab (قدس الله سره); who took from Sheikh ‘Abdullah bin. Ibrahim bin Sayf(رحمه الله) who took from Abul Mawahib, Muhammad bin. ‘Abdul Baqi al-Ba’li (رحمه الله); who took from his father, Al-Shams Muhammad bin Badr al-Din al-Balbani (قدس الله سره); these two took from Imam Ahmad al-Wafa-I al-Muflihi (قدس الله سره) who took from Shaykhu-l Islam, Al Imam Musa b. Ahmad al-Hajjawi قدس الله سره (author of al-Iqna’ and Zad al-Mustaqni’); who took from Sheikh al-Shihab Ahmad bin. Ahmad bin. Ahmad al-Shuwayki(رحمه الله); who took from Sheikh Shihab al-Din Ahmad bin Abdullah al-‘Uskari(رحمه الله); who took from Al-Qadi ‘Ala al-Din ‘Ali bin Sulaiman al-Mardawi(رحمه الله); who took from Al-Zayn ‘Abdur Rahman bin. Sulayman bin. Abul Karam al-Salihi (Abu Sha’r) رحمه الله ; who took from Sheikh al-‘Ala ‘Ali bin. Muhammad bin. al-Lahham(رحمه الله); who took from his Shaykh, al-Hafidh Zayn al-Din ‘Abdur Rahman bin. Ahmad bin. Rajab(قدس الله); who took from Shams al-Din b. Abu Bakr b. Ayyub al-Zar’i (Ibn al-Qayyim) قدس الله سره; who took from Shaykhu-l Islam, ‘Ahmad bin. ‘Abdul Halim bin. Taymiyah (قدس الله سره); who took from Sheikh Shams al-Din ‘Abdur Rahman bin. Abu ‘Umar Muhammad bin. Ahmad bin. Muhammad bin Qudamah al-Maqdisi (رحمه الله) who took from his paternal uncle, Sheikh al-Muwaffaq, ‘Abdullah bin. Ahmad bin Muhammad bin. Qudamah (رحمه الله); who took from Nasihu-l Islam, Nasr b. Fatayan (Ibn al-Manni) (رحمه الله); who took from Abu Bakr Ahmad bin. Muhammad bin Ahmad al-Dinawri (رحمه الله) who took from Abu-l Khattab, Mahfudh bin. Ahamd al-Kalwadhani (رحمه الله); who took from al-Qadi, Abu Ya’la Muhammad b. al-Husain (al-Farra) رحمه الله; who took from Abu Abdullah al-Hasan b. Hamid al-Baghdadi al-Warraq (رحمه الله); who took from Abu Bakr ‘Abdul ‘Aziz bin. Ja’far bin. Ahmad (Ghulam al-Khallal) رحمه الله; who took from his Shaykh, Abu Bakr Ahmad bin. Muhammad bin. Harun al-Khallal (رحمه الله); who took from Abu Bakr Ahmad bin. Muhammad bin al-Hajjaj al-Marrudhi (رحمه الله) and other students of Al Imam of Ahlus Sunnah, Imam Abu Abdullah Ahmad bin. Muhammad bin Hanbal al-Shaybani (قدس الله روحه).

May Allah have mercy upon them all and gather us with them in Jannah.


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