A Brief Biography of Shaykh Salih Fawzan – by Amir Al-Athari

Shaykh Saalih Ibn Fawzaan Ibn Abdullaah Ibn Fowzaan He was born in 1354 A.H./1933 C.E, in the family of Fowzaan from the tribe of ash-Shamaasiyyah. His father died when he was young so he was brought up by his family. He learnt the Noble Quran, the basics of reading and writing with the imaam of the masjid of the town, who was a definitive reciter. He was the noble Shaykh Hamood Ibn Sulaymaan at-Talaal, who was later made a judge in the town of Dariyyah (not Dir’iyyah in Riyaadh) in the region of Qaseem. He later studied at the state school when it opened in ash-Shamaasiyyah in the year 1369 A.H./1948 C.E. He completed his studies at the Faysaliyyah school in Buraydah in the year 1371 A.H./1950 C.E. and was then appointed an infant school teacher. Then he joined the educational institute in Buraydah when it opened in the year 1373 A.H./1952 C.E., and graduated from there in the year 1377 A.H./1956 C.E. He then joined the Faculty of Sharee’ah (at the University of Imaam Muhammad Aal Saud) in Riyaadh and graduated from there 1381 A.H./1960 C.E. Thereafter he gained his Masters degree in fiqh, and later a Doctorate. from the same faculty, also specializing in fiqh. After his graduation from the Faculty of Sharee’ah, he was appointed a teacher within the educational institute in Riyaadh, then transferred to teaching in the Faculty of Sharee’ah. Later, he transferred to teaching at the Department for Higher Studies within the Faculty of the Principles of the Religion (usool ad-deen). Then he transferred to teaching at the Supreme Court of Justice, where he was appointed the head. He then returned to teaching there after his period of headship came to an end. He was then made a member of The Permanent Committee for Islamic Research and Verdict. He studied at the hands of a number prominent scholars and jurists, the most notable of whom were: The noble Shaykh ‘Abdul-‘Azeez ibn Baaz (rahima-hullaah); The noble Shaykh ‘Abdullaah ibn Humayd (rahima-hullaah); The great Shaykh Muhammad al-Ameen ash-Shanqeetee (rahima-hullaah); The noble Shaykh ‘Abdur-Razzaaq ‘Afeefee (rahima-hullaah); The noble Shaykh Saalih Ibn ‘Abdur-Rahmaan as-Sukaytee(rahima-hullaah); The noble Shaykh Saalih Ibn Ibraaheem al-Bulayhee(rahima-hullaah); The noble Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Subayya(rahima-hullaah)l; The noble Shaykh ‘Abdullaah Ibn Saalih al-Khulayfee(rahima-hullaah); The noble Shaykh Ibraaheem Ibn ‘Ubayd al-‘Abd al-Muhsin(rahima-hullaah); The noble Shaykh Saalih al-‘Ali an-Naasir(rahima-hullaah); He also studied at the hands of a number of scholars from al-Azhar University (Egypt) who specialised in hadeeth, tafseer and Arabic language.


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