Answer to the Question Regarding Barzakh – by Aaqib ibn Amin

Question: I want to know if At the time of death Soul moves to Barzakh. It means only body remains in the grave , then why is window of Jannah or jahannum opened in grave till the day of resurrection kindly make it clear?

Answer: There are rules regarding the understanding of the texts about the life of barzakh. One of them is whatever has been narrated in ahadith it has to be believed as it is and whatever hasn’t been mentioned we aren’t supposed to presume on our own. Also that world is entirely different from this one. U need not physically present to receive reward or punishment. Ur body gets it in whatsoever stage it is whether decomposed or burnt. Allah has power over punishing or rewarding the particles. Soul does separate from the body but Allah returns it to it if he so wills or makes the body feel its recompense even without soul.


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