Sincerity and Patience on the Path of Seeking Knowledge – Shaykh Sulayman Al-Ruhayli

Welcome students of knowledge. Indeed, the angels surround the student of knowledge with their wings. Then they mount on each other until they reach the lowest heaven due to the love of what they are seeking. Welcome to a garden from the gardens of Paradise. I advise myself and my brothers to cultivate our souls in being sincere to Alläh. Whoever is sincere to Alläh in this deed, then he is promised with a tremendous reward and a tremendous outcome in his worldly life and Hereafter. As for the one who seeks knowledge that is meant to be for the sake of Alläh but he doesn’t seek it except for a worldly gain, then he will not smell the fragrance of Paradise. And we seek refuge in Alläh from an evil condition. How much are we in need of students of knowledge during these times. And how much are the students of knowledge in need of sincerity to Allah in this pursuit.

Moreover, I strongly emphasize the advice for patience. Indeed, I do not know of anything in this world that requires more patience than seeking knowledge. Seeking knowledge requires extensive patience. So what is the case in these times we are living in, whereby distractions and obstacles have become abundant. And whereby impediments in this path have become abundant. There is no doubt that the student of knowledge requires tremendous and extensive patience so that he can be firm on the path of seeking knowledge. And he requires extensive patience so that he can be progress well in the path of seeking knowledge. Indeed many of the students of knowledge nowadays progress on the path but they don’t progress well. So you don’t find them truly concerned with knowledge. Rather, they are only concerned with other affairs. So the student of knowledge requires extensive patience in his progress on this path so that he doesn’t deviate to the right or left from this path.

Source: Scholarly Subtitles


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