From Humble Offering to Heavenly Blessing: The Egg that Built a Mosque

The Egg that Built a Mosque
I have a captivating story from Sopore that I’m excited to share because it holds a valuable lesson for us all.
It all started with a group of people raising funds to build a mosque. They went door-to-door, asking for donations from the community. Eventually, they reached the home of a humble family. Despite their poverty, the woman of the house insisted on contributing. She said, “We don’t have much, but I can give an egg from our hen for the mosque’s construction.”
Touched by her sincerity, the fundraisers accepted her humble gift. Little did they know, this simple act of kindness would lead to something extraordinary.
News of the woman’s donation spread quickly, sparking unexpected interest. A bidding war erupted over the seemingly insignificant egg. The price soared with each bid, eventually reaching an astounding sum of 2 lakhs and 23 thousand.
This story is a powerful reminder of the true value of intentions and actions. Though some may see the woman’s donation as small, in the eyes of Allah عزوجل, it was priceless. Her pure-hearted gesture turned a humble offering into a substantial contribution.
So, my dear friends, let’s remember that no act of kindness, no matter how small, goes unnoticed by the Allah سبحانه وتعالىٰ. When we give with sincerity and pure intentions, even the simplest gifts can have a profound impact and be cherished by Allah.
Courtesy: Zeeshan Rashid ©

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