The Greatest Way for the Believer to Spend His Time – Shaykh Sulayman Al-Ruhayli

Noble brothers, After performing the obligatory acts, the greatest way for the believer to spend his time is by seeking knowledge. Indeed, seeking knowledge is from the best ways of gaining nearnes to Allah So increasing in knowledge is better for the slave than increasing in acts of worship when they are conflicting with each other. Therefore, it is established upon the Prophet that he said:

“The vitue of knowledge is better than the virtue of worship”.

Meaning, increasing in knowledge is better than increasing in acts of worship. Due to this, a group of scholars view that the best supererogatory act after the obligatory acts is seeking knowledge. Seeking knowledge removes ignorance. And knowledge is the tree to all good just as ignorance is the tree to all evil. So there is no benefit that enters the affairs of the slaves religion and worldly life except that it is built upon knowledge. And there is no harm that enters the affairs of the slaves religion and worldly life except that it is from the effects and results of ignorance. Knowledge consists of tremendous rewards and noble stations. It is an elevation for the one who possesses it if is in adherence to what Allah legislated.

Allah says:

“Alah will exalt in degree those of you who believe, and those who have been granted knowledge.” (al-Mujadilah:11)

And in it are noble rewards if the individual approaches it in a manner that Alläh has legislated. And if there wasn’t anything mentioned in regards to this except the statement of the Prophet (pbuh) “Whoever goes to the Masjid in the morning for no reason except to learn goodness or to teach it, he will receive the reward of a person who completed Hajj.” If there wan’t anything mentioned except this Hadith, then this would be sufficient of an encouragement to continually seek knowledge and for the Muslim to be from the students of knowledge, leaning and teaching. In one gathering, if the slave is sincere to his Lord and went to the gathering not wanting anything except to learn goodness and beneficial knowledge or to teach it, Alläh will record for him the reward of one who completed Hajj. And there isn’t a reward for an accepted Hajj except Paradise!
And every time the slave increases in this, his rewards will increase. And from this, the giving of knowledge and its attainment are from the affairs that the Ummah should give great importance to. The hope of good for the Ummah of Muhammad (pbuh) will remain as long as you see knowledge manifested and disseminated, and you see from this Ummah those that are dedicated in seking knowledge.

Source: Scholarly Subtitles


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