The People of a Sword and a Pen – by Amir Al-Athari

Its very rare in our history that we find those great men who were both men of Qalam & Saif (Pen & Sword). In this note, I will just highlight names of some great Imams who have served Ummah both in the field of Saif & Qalam.

1. Imam Ibn Qudamah رحمه‌الله

The famous Hanbali Jurist, author of Al Mughni (Hanbali Fiqh), direct disciple of Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani and a General of Salahudeen’s army that conquered Al Quds Sharief.
SubhanAllah! What a noblility.
When every Amir dispossessed Sultan Salahuddeen, there were some who supported him against the tide and its narrated that Imam Ibn Qudaamah came out of his ‘Madrsah’ with his disciples and joined the army of Sultan Salahuddeen.

2. Imam Ibn Taymiyah رحمه‌الله

He is known to most of us. He was a great Muhaqqiq (research Scholar & critic) and a great Scholar’ , Jurist from the line of Imam Ibn Qudaamah. Imam Ibn Taymiyyah facilitated, single handedly, the Jehad against Mongol invasion and also took part in it himself. Although, his main service is the facilitation of resistance but it won’t be unjust to put him in the list of Ashaab e Saif & Qalam. Qalam doesn’t mean just writing anything, but a comprehensive service of Ilm e Deen.

3 – Imam Muḥammad bin abd Al Wahhab Tamimi رحمه‌الله .

This man is totally unmatchable during his time . He served in the field of reformation (Radd e Bidaat & Shirk) vvery much. Authored the most read book on the topic of Tawheed – Kitab Tawḥīd.The Sheikh suffered the same as other sincere scholars and daa’iyahs, but in the end the message of truth that he brought prevailed.

4 – Imam Muhammad ibn Saud ibn Muhammad ibn Muqrin Al-Maridi ( Ibn Sa’ūd). رحمه‌الله

He was the emir of Diriyah. He was a Scholar’ as well the ambitious desert warrior. The way he set up his government was based on Islamic principles and made use of shura. He ruled until his death and afterwards his son, Abdul-Aziz bin Muhammad, became the second ruler of the First Saudi State.Their military success and orthodox approach to religion won them great support in the area. Their standing was also boosted by practice of holding open meetings where tribal elders could meet with him, allowing access to their ruler.

5 -Imam Abdullah bin Saud Al Saud (Martyred in 1818). رحمه الله.

He was the last Imam of the frist Emirates of Diriyah and was executed by the Mushrikeen . He was the custodian of two holy cities of Islam . Among the various crimes which the Mushrikeen did before killing Imam Abdullah ibn Saud(رحمه الله)’—was to make him listen to the lute Music forcefully . But the cruelest punishments were reserved for the religious leaders of Arabia, Some of whom were stuck into the muzzles of cannons and mortars and blown to pieces .

6 -Imam ‘Abdullha Aal’-Sheikh رحمه الله تعالى

He was a great Muhaqqiq (research Scholar & critic) and a great Scholar.

7 – Imam Sulayman Aal Sheikh رحمه الله تعالى

This man was the sea of knowledge of his time . He served in the field of reformation (Radd e Bidaat & Shirk) very much .He was a Scholar’ as well as excellent warrior. He was stuck into the muzzles of cannons mortars and blown to pieces by the Mushrikeen and thus Martyred .

8 – Imam Hamad bin Naasir Aal Muamar رحمه الله

He was Jurist ,and a poet with a extreme eloquent way of writing and speech that no one dared to challenge him in debate in Arabia .

9 – Imam Abdullha bin Abdurrahman Aba Butayn رحمه الله تعالى

He was Student of Imam Hamd bin Nasir Aal Muamar , He inherented the vast knowledge of Jurisprudence and Theology from his master. He was the Chief Qadhi of Bilad Najd .

10 – Imam Ibn Humayd al Makki (d. 1295)
(Author of Suhubul Wabilah) رحمه الله تعالى He was Student of Sheikh Aba Butayn and Was Grand Mufti of Makkha. A Very poius Scholar’ of very high reverence .


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