We stand with Scholars of Sunnah – by Aaqib ibn Amin

We stand with Scholars of Sunnah!

Hafiz Zubair Ali Zai رحمہ اللہ has been one of the most renowned scholars in the field of hadith criticism.

He has authored many books regarding the same. One of his major contributions is to the matter of Taqleed which he has dealt with quite unanimously.

However some of the self proclaimed scholars who can’t even stand upto the student level (not to talk of scholarship) have talked inappropriate of him. They have resorted to absurd commenting to some of his personal choices as a scholar which is highly condemnable. There is no comparison between them and him as far as contributions to field of knowledge is concerned.

How can a layman stoop so low as to talk bad of somebody who is an authority in his own field. It is really weird and shameful. Such people should be taken notice of, sooner the better. Otherwise our religious intelligentsia will lose its credibility at the hands of such simpletons.


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