What is Salafiyyah – by Shaykh Falah Ismaeel Mandakar رحمه الله

You are not the gatekeepers of Salafiyyah and Salafiyyah is not built on men, nor on names, nor on flags, nor on specific time or a specific place. Salafiyyah is (built on) three (things):
1. Allah (i.e. His Book).
2. Messenger (i.e. his Sunnah).
3. And the (understanding of) the companions, o servant of Allah.
This is Salafiyyah and this is the methodology of the Salaf. This is (following) the example of the companions. This is the methodology of the Jama’ah. This is the Sunnah and the Jama’ah. This is “…whoever is upon what me and my companions are upon today.” This is the saved sect. This is the victorious group. It is obligatory upon you to affiliate based on it, to love it and to support it.

Source: https://youtube.com/shorts/vsrOpPXKvJ0?feature=share


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