Who Saw The Peacock Dancing in the Forest – by Aaqib ibn Amin

The title above might mislead many but this article certainly does not talk about peacock. But it talks about the dexterity and talents of the people being unnoticed and thus unknown to others. Everybody takes pleasure in peacock dancing. But if it is left in the forest all alone and he keeps displaying his talent it is worth nothing. In this article I would like to set the similitude between this beautiful bird (peacock) and the religious scholars. How great will it be if common masses benefit by the contributions of such people with fantabulous abilities but do they really pay off what they should?

I want to turn your attention to the times when the people of knowledge left valuable gems for the generations to come in the form of their writing works, besides appearing in lecture programs etc. It was these scholars’ foresight that they wrote books over the potential trial that the ummah might befall into on the basis of their interactions and observations with the society they lived in. So they secured the masses by exhorting them to the true path while being alive and writing books and leaflets as to serve to them after they are no more. Imam Ahmed rahimahullah is one of outstanding examples like many others including Imam ibn Taimiyyah rahimahullah, Imam Ibnul Qayyim rahimahullah and so on. An example of Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbals Usul-as-sunnah is well known as being one of the greatest sources of islamic belief system (aqeedah). He has touched all the prevailing innovations and malpractices there in Bagdad where he lived so that the coming generations become aware and save themselves from getting into these traps. Only scholars are the ones who have the mettle to confront the challenges of various aspects prevalent. If we look into the history when people from Basra (in Iraq) started questioning the predestination (one of the pillars of faith) then people were guided by the knowledgeable ones like Ibn Umar radiallahu anhu who refuted them through apt evidences.

It is quite unfortunate and endangering that the scholars of our times have forgotten this methodology. A blind eye is being turned to the menaces that have reached to its worst stage like that of sodomy, feminism, atheism etc. The art of compilation has gone into an oblivion far back. Even if they advise they keep it confined to their study circles and groups,particular to their madrasas. Now we dream of having books which would deal with current challenges of the society and the world at large. It is the reason that the market these days is flooded with the literature which contains confused and deluded content which leaves its readers in the midst of nowhere. As a result they are no longer able to defend their faith and thus, crumble before the corrupt ideologies. It is a high time for the scholars to realize and foresee the literary waywardness in the society and its resulting moral and cultural degradation. There is no escapism to the duties you have been enjoined.

Wake up wake up wake up, the sooner the better. Otherwise you are going to be held accountable for such a grave negligence in the hereafter.

Written by: Aaqib Amin Ahanger

Email id: aaqibaminahanger@gmail.com


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