Why Don’t You Change – by Shaykh Muhammad Sae’ed Raslan

As-Shaykh Al-Allamah, Muhammad Ibn Saeed Rslan, may Allah preserve him, said:

Why don’t you change?

What is preventing you from changing?

Do you have doubt about the speech of your Lord?

Do you not have any Eemaan?

Do you not believe in your Prophet صلى الله عليه و على آله و سلم?

Are you in a state of doubt about death?

Are you not certain that you are going to die?

And whoever looks at you after you have been dead for three days, will find that your eyes have burst open and leaked onto your cheeks, and your stomach has burst open exposing the filth it contains.

The first part of the human to rot is his stomach.

Do you lack certainty that this will be your situation?

Why are you kept busy with these games that are more appropriate for children?

Why don’t you really be a real Muslim man?

What is preventing you?

What is making you incapable?

Why don’t you repent to Allah?

Why don’t you return to Him?

Why don’t you follow the Messenger of Allah and be sincere in following him?

Is it your evil lifestyle that has made you incapable?

Seek refuge with your Lord, Allah.

Translated by: Moosaa Anderson


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